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How to build and grow a structured and sustainable agency with John Paul

Webinar recorded live on

In this webinar John Paul, owner of the 10 branch Castledene Group details how he has grown his business to manage over 2000 properties and sell over 400 homes each year in only 10 years.

Structure is the key to building a solid and profitable business and we must stop concentrating on being the best estate or letting agent and start thinking like business people.

We covered:

  • How having the customer defining documents in your business will ensure you build your business with the right foundations.
  • How effective training and development of staff, not only motivates but ensures optimum performance from staff
  • How strong management can weed out the poor performers and gives staff the very best chance of succeeding
  • How prospecting should be the lifeblood of your agency

With structure in the business, John reduced his reliance of admin fees, when the ban was announced, from 14% of his annual turnover to only 2.3% when the ban came in. Showing that structure and strategic planning are essential to agency success