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From start up to 35 sales a month – how to deliver market leading service in 2019, with James Fontalba

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What’s the secret to James’ success? He puts it down to service. In this webinar, James will share the secrets behind delivering truly exceptional service in 2019. What do vendors expect, and how can you create the right mentality and processes to meet those lofty expectations?

James promises to share the success and failures from his experience as a startup independent in the hope that it will help others deliver the best service.

If you missed James’ previous webinar “from start up to success in 12 months”, you can watch the replay here:

Here’s what other agents said about the session:

“It was great that James shared so openly and honestly his experience which we can learn a lot from as recently established agent ourselves”

“It was really nice how honest James was at talking about what went well and not so well when starting up”

“I really likes James’ attitude. I have been in the industry 32 years and only just gone alone with age not on my side and he is a credit to our industry and I am so glad somebody who is open and honest has achieved so much – I feel inspired and really happy to meet another professional”

James Fontalba

Within 12 months of setting up his agency business in his garage, James Fontalba’s Roman James Estates were a market leader. 3 years down the line, his single branch agency is now selling 35 properties a month.