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Jonathan Werth: 20 years of mistakes agents can learn from

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In our Extraordinary Agents series, we bring you insights from agency leaders who have done things differently. They’ve taken bold action that has delivered huge results.

In this episode we talked to Jonathan Werth of LiFE Residential, a London-based agency named The Best Medium Lettings Agency at the Best Estate Agent Guide (BEAG) Awards 2020. During their 20 years of trading, LiFE has been overseeing over 30,000 tenancies for thousands of landlords globally, and renting for tenants from more than 100 countries across the world.

Jonathan has seen it all. He is the first to admit he hasn’t always got it right over the years so will share openly and honestly about the problems and mistakes he’s made that you can learn from:

– Errors in hiring and letting people go.
– Not banging our drum loud enough.
– Underestimating competitors.