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How to prioritise your Mental Health & Mindset in 2020

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Are you finding balancing work, relationships and a healthy lifestyle difficult and feeling totally overwhelmed? Sometimes it is difficult to know where to start and this can make you feel confused and vulnerable. Don’t worry, you are not alone. We’ve invited NHS Therapist Hayley Irving-Law, to share her expert advice and answer your questions live.

Here are a few words from Hayley

“I really think my webinar is a safe place to begin working on making things better.

In 2019 the World Health Organisation reported that people working in sales were in one of the careers experiencing the highest rates of depression and anxiety.  I want to remove the taboo around these feelings and enable you to focus on what you need to feel better.

Many companies have failed to address and support their employees simply sending them on coaching courses and ticking a few boxes. My engagement with Rightmove is going to go beneath the surface and address some of the deeper root causes leading to your feelings of depression and anxiety”

In this interactive webinar we will focus on helping you find a better balance between your work, relationships and a healthy lifestyle. You’ll come away:

• Feeling optimistic and energised to improve your mental health

• Understanding what’s in your control, and the “blockers” you should park

• Knowing more about any beliefs that might be holding you back – and how to overcome them

• Understanding more about where and how to access help when you need it, and how to spot the signs that a colleague might need your help and how to go about this