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How to identify and meet your customer’s needs – with life coach James Baybutt

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Over a 17 year career in sales, recruitment, coaching and mentoring, James Baybutt has gained a deep understanding of why we behave the way we do. More specifically, why are some people highly successful in some areas of their role, or life, but not others? In this webinar, he’ll explain why.

You’ll come away with practical actions and a better understanding on how to:

  • Self-reflect and truly understand your own skills, experiences, motivations and passions to help you define personal and professional goals
  • Actively listen to customers to engage and connect on another level
  • Build trust and rapport with customers centred around clarity of their needs
  • Get under the skin of the meaning and intentions behind decision-making
  • Turn all of this into building solutions for your customers that increase the likelihood of a sale and generate repeat business