Tomorrow’s change starts today…

When we took Rightmove Live to Liverpool, we had one thing in mind – to inspire change within your business.

And as Rightmove Live isn’t any normal business conference, this involved a warehouse, a boxing ring and a banker…

Round One: The Inspiration

Matt Giggs and Sam Mitchell, two passionate and successful advocates of change in the estate agency business enter the Rightmove Ring. They have three rounds to pull out the punches to inspire you, in just 5 minutes per round.

If implemented, their clear actions could bring new success to your business, your people, your teams, your leadership and your mindset.

How to watch

You can watch all the rounds in one in the video below. Or if you’d prefer, jump straight to another bite sized chunk of inspiration using the slider.

Round Two : The Motivation

Dave Fishwick – The Bank of Dave

Your chance to hear from the man who has torn up the banking rule book. A true pioneer in the application of change, Dave Fishwick draws upon his experiences to give his tips on making a positive change to your business.

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