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Fuel your success with Optimiser Edge

Our Optimiser Edge membership package is designed to give you maximum flexibility and efficiency across your whole sales pipeline, from valuation right through to completion. It allows you to adapt quickly to changes in the market and spend less time doing admin and more time doing what you love.

It brings together the very best of our existing tools, and our latest and most innovative products exclusively for you.

Continue reading to find out what’s included and how it compares to our other packages. 

Key features

No core membership fee

All your budget goes towards advertising products of your choice

Exclusive products

Only available for Optimiser Edge customers

Your brand, promoted

Increased branding on property details

How well does it perform?

Optimiser Edge helps agents get more brand views, more valuation leads and more instructions when compared to our other packages. This is achieved by access to our leading products, which support agents at every stage of the pipeline.

Optimiser Edge Exclusives

As well as enjoying no core membership fee, Optimiser Edge gets you exclusive access to our market-leading products. Find out a bit more about them:

Native Search Adverts

Targeted adverts designed to look and feel like they’re part of the content. Create interactive ads including video, to story-tell and engage with vendors.

Use it to: build brand awareness and increase interactions with potential vendors.

3.3% of ads results in an interaction4

(As a comparison, Facebook adverts targeted at Real Estate get an average interaction rate of 0.74%)5


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Example of Native Search Ads
Premium Price Guide example dashboard

Premium Price Guide

A property price comparison guide to support your expert valuation, which notifies you when a potential vendor views it.

Use it to: impress vendors with your valuation research and follow up when you get an engagement alert – to turn valuations into instructions.

John Moore, Valuer & Negotiator, Bowson Property Specialists.

‘The best thing about Premium Price Guide is getting a notification that a report has been viewed… In just a few weeks, we’ve won 5 listings with the Premium Price Guide and the alerts have been a big factor in that.’

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Sold By Me

A branded advertising space at the bottom of our most visited pages on Rightmove.

Use it to: associate your brand with selling success and engage with potential sellers in your targeted area – automatically and intelligently.

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Sold Be Me example dashboard
Opportunity Manager example dashboard

Opportunity Manager

A tool that flags potential sellers before they are considering instructing an agent. Powered by our algorithm, Opportunity Manager will flag and prioritise the hottest potential leads and you have full visibility of which opportunities you’ve won and lost.

Use it to: spot, nurture and manage potential valuation opportunities.

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