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Native Search Ad

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Make your direct response marketing work harder

Native Search Ads are designed to look like they are part of the content of the summary results page. Sellers can interact with richer advertising, including video, that allows you to story-tell in a more engaging way to help to build trust in you and your brand and that feels helpful as part of a seller’s search. Even if a seller is moving out of area, they’ll be exposed to your brand message within the most viewed page on Rightmove.

New format

A flexible advertising space designed to look native to the site and create a seamless experience

+63% in engagement

for native advertising within a content page (Source: Verizon Media’s study ‘Redefining Native’ surveyed 6,000 users from the UK, France and Germany, looked at 60 hours worth of online content and interrogated 1.5 million data points)


Take advantage of Rightmove’s seller specific audience when they are in the mindset to find out if now is the right time to sell.

85% of the Rightmove audience is open to or ready to move

(Source: Understanding Rightmove Users, February 2021, sample size c. 3,000)


based on search term and when we know a potential seller’s address is within your chosen target area, we show them your branded message even if they’re searching for their next home somewhere else.

59% of sellers are looking out of area to buy

(Source: Rightmove Internal data, national out of area searches, sales branches only, excluding new builds 1st January – 20th June 2022)


more ways to engage with your brand and message.

Swipe, visit or play

Potential sellers can swipe, visit your website or play your video.

Is Native Search Ad right for you?

Let us know what your plans are and your Rightmove Account Manager can work with you to see if Native Search Ad is the best way to help you get ahead. We can look at our data insights to find the best areas to target.

Find out more about Native Search Ad by speaking to your Rightmove Account Manager.