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Premium Price Guide

Use best-in-class data and a system that notifies you when leads are at their hottest to win more instructions.

Exclusive to Optimiser Edge.

‘The best thing about Premium Price Guide is getting a notification that a report has been viewed. We’ve been following up with a call or email about an hour after receiving this alert.

In just a few weeks we’ve won 5 listings with the Premium Price Guide, and the alerts have been a big factor in that.’

John Moore, Valuer & Negotiator, Bowson Property Specialists

Vendor engagement alerts

Connect with vendors during their decision-making moments
Have a reason to call, and drive more powerful conversations

Share your Premium Price Guides digitally and unlock the power of tracked valuation reports. Receive an email notification whenever a vendor opens one of your valuations for up to 12 months after your initial send.

Premium Price Guide dashboard

View all of your valuations from the past 12 months in a single, intuitive place
Update, improve, and resend Premium Price Guides in a couple of clicks

Manage your Premium Price Guides from a user-friendly dashboard. Make it easier for agents to reconnect with vendors post-valuation by enabling them to:

-View the vendor and their contact details

-Add a personalized message to existing reports

– See the valuation, comparable properties, and data supplied to vendors

Best in class data pool

Gather all the data you need for a valuation from one place
Impress vendors with the depth of your research and readiness to sell

Set yourself apart by drawing on a comprehensive dataset specific to Optimiser Edge customers.  Easily incorporate additional data relating to:

-Square footage

-Sold properties not previously listed on Rightmove

-Energy PerformanceCertificate (EPC Rating)

-Google Street View

Contact your account manager today to learn more about Premium Price Guide or Optimiser Edge.