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Local Market Indicator

Helping you make data-driven decisions about your business

The Local Market Indicator gives you an early indicator of trends in search behaviour in your area.

Find your Postcode Area in the list below to see how  Rightmove traffic has changed compared to the previous year . Use the tabs above the chart to flick between sales, lettings or to view both at the same time.

We update this data for you every week.

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What the data shows

The chart shows how total detail views on Rightmove have changed in your area relative to the same week the year before. A “detail view” is a measure of how many people click through to view a property’s full details. Home movers tend to research properties for a few weeks before they begin to send enquiries, so tracking the uplift in detail views is an early indicator of increasing demand. The data is a combination of detail views across properties for sale and for let.


Each day on the chart represents a rolling 7 day average and is compared to the 7 day average for the same period in the previous year. For example, the data shown on 30th September 2022 compared the average daily detail views for 24th–30th September2022 to 24th–30th September 2021.