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Act quickly for your vendor, keep your instruction, get it under offer again

  • New fall through process does not require Memorandum of Sale
  • We aim to deal with your request in 60 minutes
  • 63% of fall throughs already being dealt with using this new approach

Your new process for reporting fall throughs on Rightmove

With our new process, you can manage your fall throughs on Rightmove via email and we aim to deal with your request within 60 minutes.

All you need to do is send an email to containing:

  • The URL for the Rightmove listing that has fallen through
  • The words “I agree to the fall through declaration” to confirm your agreement with this declaration
  • You no longer need to send a redacted copy of the Memorandum of Sale

You can find more details on how to save time with fall throughs on our FAQ page in Rightmove Plus.

As of 15th July, 63% of your fall throughs are being dealt with rapidly using our new automated process.