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Getting your team re-energised and passionate about their work – with Justin Leigh

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How energised and passionate are your team about the work they do?

If you’d like to inject greater enthusiasm and motivation into yourself and your team, then this Webinar is for you.

Business leader and High-Performance Coach Justin Leigh will show you the proven approaches and techniques you can use to reignite your engagement, motivation, energy and enthusiasm for your business.
Once Perhaps more importantly, how to generate this in your team as well.

Justin will show you:

  • Why your position as the leader of the organisation is critical to engagement & motivation of your team
  • How you can re-connect with your business and generate excitement, energy and passion in yourself and your team
  • Why working both; ‘strategically on’ and ‘operationally in’ your business, are both critical to team engagement
  • How you can help your team develop a growth mindset and a positive feedback culture – fuel for engagement
Justin Leigh

Justin Leigh is an accredited Executive Coach, a Leadership Mentor and the Founder & Managing Director Focus4growth Ltd. He works with Senior Leaders to develop High Performance organisations.

Justin’s combination of proven business leadership, principles of high performance and demonstrated application in many businesses, make this webinar a valuable development opportunity for all agency teams.