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Empowering more female leaders in estate agency

Webinar recorded live:
Categories: Guest speakers & industry specialists

With International Women’s Day happening this week, we were delighted to be joined by Gemma Noonan, Executive Coach at the Giggs Group of estate agents, to talk about her experience coaching and mentoring women in leadership positions.

From her experience working with hundreds of leaders, Gemma will share:

  • What makes women (and men) great leaders
  • Ideas for agencies looking to champion more female leaders
  • Practical advice on how you can develop these key skills yourself – or help your team to develop themselves

Gemma was joined by her current mentee Matt Giggs of Giggs & Co, to discuss the topic from an agent’s perspective.

My passion is helping people realise their business and personal ambitions. By listening carefully and asking the right questions my aim is to get to know new people and teams, and understand their challenges. I want to help people really look clearly at their opportunities or challenges, solve any problems, and create a plan of action.

My role as Executive Coach at the Giggs Group builds on my former experience as an HR Director with more than 18 years’ experience in different organisations. My speciality is working with individuals and teams as a Coach and Training Facilitator, and I’m certified to provide and interpret DISC behavioural assessments.

When I’m not coaching people I love spending time with my family or getting out on the River in St. Neots, where I’m Vice Captain of the local rowing club.

Over the last ten years I built my own agency from scratch, grew it into many businesses, and now love helping other entrepreneurs who want to do the same.

I love seeing genuine people become more effective in business and break through their personal limitations. My business and leadership mentoring has its feet firmly rooted in my own agency experience but ranges wide, from practical support to personal development.

I truly believe that with ambition, action and focus we can all achieve exactly what we want to and my passion is helping others believe in themselves enough to go for it. I’ve enjoyed presenting at many national events but am equally happy in one-to-one mentoring sessions, as long as I feel like I can make a positive difference.

For me, people are everything. If you have the right amount of self-knowledge and can recruit and motivate a great team, you have your recipe for business success.