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Ask the experts – Marketing

Webinar recorded live on

Struggling to understand your target market? Facing a new competitor that’s taking away your business? Finding it hard to get to grips with a certain marketing channel?

Questions asked in this Live broadcast:

  • I’ve worked in marketing for a couple of years but I’m new to a marketing role within estate agency. What advice would you give to hit the ground running?”
  • How do I understand more about what a vendor or landlord is looking for in an agent?
  • What makes a good marketing message?
  • We need to attract new letting and management clients and I’m trying to find the best and most cost effective way to go about this.
  • What’s the one mistake you see agents make most often in their marketing?
  • Although we have an office, we are not a ‘high street’ office so are invisible in this respect, what’s the most effective way of competing to be seen?
  • What should the balance be in our marketing between printed marketing material and online/social media, both in terms of cost and volume?


Abiola Oni - Research & Planning Manager

Over the last 8 years, Abiola has informed numerous business decisions at Rightmove, from marketing strategy to product development. She uses a variety of techniques such as surveys, focus groups and neuroscience to uncover and champion customer needs across the business. Prior to working at Rightmove, she was a business advisory consultant at PwC.

Steve Jenkins – Trade Marketing Manager

Steve has 12 years’ marketing experience, from planning and executing marketing campaigns for big name brands to advising small businesses on marketing best practice.