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Your 5 step checklist for stand-out banner adverts

Gemma-Louise Casey is a designer in the in-house Rightmove Design Studio. In 4 years at Rightmove she’s worked with hundreds of agents to create bespoke banner advertising creative, so knows a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

Here are her 5 top tips for creating effective adverts.

Keep it simple

You’ve got a couple of seconds to get your message across and a small space to get it across in. So you need to keep it very simple.  When you factor in that 70% of Rightmove’s traffic is on mobile (and therefore looking on a smaller screen) this becomes even more important. Stick to one short message, one logo and one call to action. Try to do any more and your advert could get glossed over.

Don’t follow the crowd

With maybe 20 or more competitors operating in your area, you need to do something different to stand out. How? Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Go on Rightmove and your competitors’ websites. See what they’re saying, who they’re talking to, what colours and imagery they’re using. Then do something different.

Tap into emotions

When Rightmove talk about “find your happy”, we do it because emotional advertising is proven to work well at capturing attention in marketing. You could try the same in your adverts. Make your audience feel something and they’ll be more likely to remember or engage with your brand. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine them asking the question “what’s in it for me?” Show or tell them in your advert.

Be unique

Any agent can shout about the fact that they offer a free valuation. But if everyone’s doing it, then… so what? Why would a vendor choose you over everyone else that’s offering the same thing? Focus instead on what makes you unique. What ONE thing makes your agency stand out? Make that the subject of your advert.

Tailor your message

Your brand logo, colours and font should be consistent across all your adverts to reinforce your brand in a home mover’s mind. But your message should be tailored to their stage in the journey.

On a Local Home Page banner, they’re just starting their search. They probably won’t be ready to book a valuation yet – but they might be interested in downloading your step by step guide to selling.  Offering some free advice at this stage is a good way to get etched in their mind early on.

Further down their journey, when a vendor is deeper into researching, they’ll be more open to a more direct message. You might then use your Microsite banners to talk about why they should call you rather than your competition.

Did you know?

As a Rightmove member, you get access to our in house Design Studio.

They’re a talented team of graphic designers that work with agents every day to create stand-out adverts for use on Rightmove – potentially saving you hundreds of pounds in using a third party designer.