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The Top 10 Principles of Remote Selling with Justin Leigh

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With the market so busy, it’s easy to get caught up in your day to day activity. But it’s still worthwhile investing some time in improving the sales skills that will make that day to day activity more effective.

We welcomed back High Performance Coach Justin Leigh to give you proven advice on selling more effectively from home and how to better manage all parts of the ‘remote selling’ process with your clients.

During the session Justin looked at Estate Agency research that showed that the vast majority of agents see over valuing as a problem.

Interestingly, Justin states that “Agents that overvalue, do so due to lack of confidence” they’re just not confident enough to:

  • Connect with customers and build  the needed rapport
  • Connect and understand the customers’ needs
  •  Prove value in what they do and the service they offer.

Justin goes on to explain how to achieve confidence in these areas and build the relations you need to win the clients heart, list the property at the right price and get a fee you deserve.

Agents who watched live asked some great questions to, such as:

“With the viewings shifted from offline to online, what questions or information do you ask and gather from your clients before you show them the property? ” 

“How can we maintain and sustain a world-class service that truly is world-class. It’s easy to start with good intent but we find it (staff) tends to dip as life takes over.” 

“Advice on how to approach a client who you have emailed 10 times but they don’t want to answer your phone calls? How do you keep the client motivated?”


Click here for Justin’s slides