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Tenancy deposits – Breaking through the myths

Upcoming webinar: 8th April 2020, 9:30am - 10:30am

Categories: Guest speakers & industry specialists,Legislation

John King, Head of TDS Member Services, will set the record straight when it comes to commonplace misconceptions about tenancy deposit protection. TDS receives hundreds of enquiries every day from agents, landlords and tenants alike, ranging from clarification on the specific timescales of protecting a deposit, the ‘essential’ evidence needed to be successful with a deductions claim to the highly topical Tenant Fees Ban and deposit cap. Alongside the incoming enquiries we see, John is at the forefront of industry events and customer training, providing invaluable insight into the recurring queries customers have and the frequent misunderstandings which still surround the deposit protection legislation and alternative dispute resolution.

Are there areas of uncertainty within your team about tenancy deposit protection? TDS aim to provide that much needed clarity on:

–              Tenants signing the Prescribed Information

–              Falling foul of the legislation with early service of documents

–              Deposit use clauses

–              Switching between providers

–              The deposit cap and reducing all deposits.

John is the Head of TDS Member Services and has been working with all our teams for over 10 years. As a former practitioner in the lettings industry with over 25 years’ experience he takes a keen interest in Property Industry especially with all the changes in the Private Rental Sector. In addition to his work in Estate Agency John has worked within our Alternative Disputes Resolution team and is key to our customer focus to offer the best service we can in a changing property landscape.

 John has presented many of the TDS Academy courses along with webinars, other training seminars, along with numerous industry forums and events. He is well versed and well-travelled throughout  England and Wales helping all TDS members with tenancy deposit protection.

 Advocating improvement through education and training  John appreciates the ups and downs of a tenancy transaction experienced by all the parties; he brings knowledge, consideration and practicality to encourage the stakeholders involved to reach an acceptable solution to tenancy deposit disagreements and access Alternative Dispute Resolution where required.”

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