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Rightmove Qualified – How to talk about your new qualification

Introducing Rightmove Qualified

With over 5,000 agents now enrolled to study CELA1, and learners now booking and passing their exam, we’re working on a number of goodies for those who pass the final exam. Both digital and physical, these goodies are designed to help you showcase the hard-work you put in to study our CELA qualification, and to help you talk about it with potential customers.

The way we’re doing this is through recognisable Rightmove Qualified branding which we’ll be using across a range of settings with agents and home-movers, to make sure everyone knows about and understands CELA and the what it means to work with a CELA qualified agent.

So keep your eyes peeled!

A reward for successful CELA learners

As a reward for all your hard work, agents passing the final CELA exam in the coming weeks will be eligible, on a first come, first serve basis to receive a Rightmove Qualified bundle.

Included in the pack, a branded portfolio and pin badge will invite questions from your customers, so you can tell them about the knowledge you gained from studying CELA.

And you can share the leaflets with your customers to explain what this qualification means for them.

Available for a limited time only, these gift packs will be offered via email to learners who pass their final CELA exam on a first come, first serve basis.

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Not enrolled yet?

Learn more about our Level 3 CELA qualification and how our training can support your business.

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Sharing your achievement online

All learners, who successfully pass the final CELA exam will receive a pack of social media graphics that they can share on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn to shout about their achievement.

You’ll also receive a Rightmove Qualified graphic for your email signatures too, which you can add in alongside any other qualifications and branding that you already have there.


We also recommend that all learners add CELA into their Licenses & certifications section on their LinkedIn.

This ensures that your hard work on CELA is permanently visible on your LinkedIn profile.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on adding CELA to your LinkedIn profile. 

CELA leaflets

Our CELA leaflets, which you can share with potential vendors, will explain your achievement and what it means for your clients.

Click here to download the leaflet and keep an eye out for a printed version of the leaflet to order on the Hub soon.



  1. Correct as of May 2023.