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Request a new Rightmove Plus user account

The decision maker for your branch should be able to create a Rightmove Plus user account for you. They'll find this under the "User management" headline in the menu on Rightmove Plus. If they're not able to help, simply complete the form below and a member of our Customer Support Team will set your account up for you, once they've verified some security details with your branch decision maker. The whole process will usually take around two working days.

Under GDPR, you are the primary data controller of the personal consumer data that sits within your Rightmove Plus account, so it’s important you keep your account secure.

Each member of your team will need their own unique login details to access Rightmove Plus.

This means when someone leaves your business, you can remove their access to your branches data without affecting the rest of your team. It also means you can select which tools each individual user needs access to.

All Rightmove Plus accounts must be set up using a work email address.

To keep your Rightmove data secure, we can’t accept generic domains like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo.

Your Rightmove Plus user accounts do not affect where your leads go – they can still be delivered to a shared inbox.

Click here for more information about keeping your online accounts, including Rightmove Plus, secure.


Please login using your Rightmove Hub credentials to request a Rightmove Plus user account