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Get pre-qualified applicants and reduce no shows with Viewings Manager

Pre-qualified applicants. Fewer no shows. Less time spent chasing. 

Our new appointment booking tool is now available for lettings agents – inclusive with all Rightmove packages.


We’ve been trialing our new Viewings Manager tool with lettings agents for several months. Following the latest round of enhancements based on their feedback, we’re excited to announce that this tool is now available for any lettings agent using Rightmove as an inclusive part of your membership.

How Viewings Manager saves you time and money

Reduce your number of no-shows

We’ll automatically remind applicants of viewings via SMS and email 24 hours before their viewing.

Cut down on repetitive questions

Get better qualified applicants that have answered 3 key common questions – saving you time.

Spend less time chasing offers and feedback

Viewings Manager does this automatically for you via email – saving you time better spent elsewhere.

Order references seamlessly

Order references in a few clicks within Viewings Manager – no need to open or enter info in another system. See why Rightmove referencing is unique >

What agents are saying about Viewings Manager

“It’s made our business more streamlined and it suits both the tenant and the landlord.

Using Viewings Manager has improved the quality of our leads enormously. We’re wasting less time questioning and chasing tenants who aren’t then able to proceed.

Best of all our no-shows have almost halved. The system makes it much more likely for a tenant to cancel an appointment, as they only have to click to cancel when they get sent the reminders by email and text the day before”.

Jon Myers – Director, Quick & Clarke (Viewings Manager trial agents)

Further enhancements coming soon

Viewings Manager is now available for all lettings agents with the features above and your Account Manager can set this up for you.

The top priority enhancement our tech team are now busy working on is the ability for Viewings Manager to integrate with your calendar/diary, whatever application you use. This will take a little while due to all the systems involved and is expected to be available next year.

If you’re a lettings agent and would like us to set this up for you with the current features, fill in the quick form below and your Account Manager will call you back.