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Online Viewings are being retired on 25th July 2024

In 2020, we introduced Online Viewings in response to the COVID 19 pandemic – to help facilitate property viewings for agents when it was not physically possible to do these in person. Four years later, we have decided to remove this functionality.

Here are some important things to know:

Why are we retiring Online Viewings?

  • It’s been over 3 years since the last lockdown in the UK, and most agents have reverted to in-person viewings again.
  • We’ve seen a steady decline in the number of listings with Online Viewings.
  • We already include videos through the Virtual Tours feature on property listings, so we’re consolidating to avoid any confusion.

What will happen to my existing videos uploaded via Online Viewings?

Any Online Viewing videos still associated with live properties on Rightmove will be deleted on the 25th July 2024. Don’t worry – videos uploaded as Virtual Tours will be unaffected by this change. Agents should re-upload any videos associated with live properties as a Virtual Tour on the property listing instead.

Can I still upload videos to my listings?

Yes! We know that video plays a key role for in marketing your properties. The principal way to upload videos to your listings is via ‘Virtual Tours’ within the property listing admin page. This will now be the sole place to upload videos associated with your listings. Need help adding a video?

Read our step by step guide here. 

When will Online Viewings be officially removed?

We’ll be bidding farewell to Online Viewings on the 25th July 2024. This gives you plenty of time to re-upload any existing videos to the main property listing.


Still need some help?

Contact our customer support team on for further guidance on migrating your Online Viewing videos across to Virtual Tours.