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Lettings – The bigger future with Josh Phegan

Webinar recorded live on

In this power-packed session, Josh will cover:

The future of lettings, property management and maintenance as an integrated service.
It’s one customer, and they interact with us in so many ways. The firms of the future are focused on delivering the one customer experience, managing to not only grow saleable value but to preserve asset value during the life of ownership.

How the best businesses work to a formula and stick to it.
From lead generation to winning the business to create scalable systems that are teachable so they can grow beyond the branch and into the brand.

How the ‘jobs to be done’ ethos drives profitable growth.
Don’t muddle the customer experience, get clear on what adds value and scale it so today’s customer can generate tomorrows customer.

And the importance of leadership in small teams.
In fast-paced environments, how do you fix broken systems and serve customers? 90-day sprints and functional roles help to build more cohesive teams.