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Have a question about two-factor authentication (2FA)?

We’re introducing SMS based two-factor authentication (sometimes called 2FA) for areas of Rightmove Plus that contain personal data.

Two-factor authentication means that to gain access to Rightmove Plus you need both:

  • something you know – your password
  • something you have – your mobile phone

You’ve probably used a form of two-factor authentication before – to log in to your online bank accounts for example.

Protecting your leads, listings and your brand reputation
If a fraudster gets access to your Rightmove Plus account by taking control of your email inbox or tricking you into revealing your password with a phishing scam, they could steal your leads, upload fake listings in your brand name and potentially put your company at risk of having to report to the ICO.
We’re doing everything we can to prevent that from happening.

How it will work when you access areas of Rightmove Plus that contain personal data?

What areas of Rightmove Plus will require two-factor authentication?

What areas of Rightmove Plus will NOT require two-factor authentication?

I update my properties via my agency software (CRM) will I be affected by 2FA?

Will I have to use 2FA every time I login and access one of these reports?

I’ve received an email about setting up 2FA but I wasn’t trying to set it up/haven’t logged in to Rightmove Plus – what’s going on?

When I click the button in the email to set up 2FA it opens in a different browser to the one I use – and now I get stuck in a loop trying to login and set up 2FA– what do I do?

One-time Passcodes

[expandsub1 title=”How long will the one-time passcode be valid?” rel=”submenu-highlander” tag=”h6″]The one-time passcode will be valid for 20 minutes. If you don’t manage to use the passcode in Rightmove Plus before the passcode expires, you’ll need to request a new passcode.


[expandsub1 title=”I got a “this doesn’t look right” message when I typed in my passcode – what does that mean?” rel=”submenu-highlander” tag=”h6″]It may mean that either:

  • The passcode has expired
  • There was an error or typo when you put in the code

Try retyping the code and if that doesn’t work, request a new passcode.


My passcode hasn’t come through – what do I do?

Using a mobile phone for 2FA

I need to update the mobile phone number I use for 2FA in Rightmove Plus/I lost my phone?

Does it cost money/use up my data to receive the one-time passcode via SMS?

Do I need to be need to be on wifi/connected to the internet to receive my one-time passcode?

I don’t have a company mobile so how do I set up 2FA?

Why have you chosen an SMS based type of two-factor authentication?

Shared Logins

Why is having separate logins so important?

How do I create my own domain email addresses?


If you share logins, we can help you set up separate accounts for everyone in your team.

Here’s how…
Set up separate accounts for everyone in your team >

How can we help?

We can help if you have technical or practical challenges around you and your team adopting 2FA. We want to help you to take every step to reduce the very real threat to your business from fraudsters getting into your account. We’ve created a specialist team to help you or phone us at 01908 712357.