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Advertising lettings on Rightmove


Get your properties listed on the UK’s number one lettings marketplace.


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The UK's no.1 lettings marketplace

More visitors

The UK’s most visited property website¹, with over 196 million visits a month.²

More landlords

92% of landlords prefer their properties to be advertised on Rightmove.³

More results

5x more tenants are found via Rightmove than any other portal.⁴

Stand out to landlords


Use our property promotion and branding products to stand out to applicants and landlords alike.

Get seen, get noticed, get remembered


Build your brand with an in-market audience with our on-site advertising opportunities.

Boost your market share


As the saying goes “boards breed boards”. It’s true online too.

Lettings agents with more branding products on Rightmove (Share of Voice) have a greater Market Share.


Source: Independent lettings only branches active on 1st March  2023. Share of voice and market share data based on 01/08/22 to 31/03/23. Share of voice based on brand exposure in-patch from Local Homepage and Featured Agent. Market share based on share of new instructions in customer’s defined patch. Excludes patches with very low/very high new listings or very few active branches. Excludes branches who did not list new instruction in the time period.

There's more to Rightmove than advertising

Lead to Keys

Tools to support for your entire lettings operation from qualifying leads to referencing and tenancy progression.

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Tenant Referencing

A comprehensive reference, ordered in one click from within Rightmove Plus, our end-to-end tenancy management system.

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Insurance products

Protect your fee and your landlords’ income with Rent Guarantee. Or cover your fee and eviction costs with Agent Revenue Protection.

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