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Sales progression advice, from the conveyancing coalface – with Peter Ambrose

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Peter Ambrose, MD of property solicitors firm The Partnership, joined us on 1st April to explain what the reality is at the moment from a conveyancer’s perspective.

Some of the feedback from the hundreds of live attendees sums up why you should watch this recording: “Positive and practical with lots of helpful advice” … “Very refreshing!” … “Peter explained the current situation superbly” … “Reassuring that there are ways around this”.

Watch the full video recording above. Or if you’re in a hurry, read the text summary below of Peter’s key points and the answers he gave to agents’ live questions.

Summary notes from Peter’s presentation

Conveyancers are still busy – the market is not dead

There’s no need to pull out of transactions

ID checks

Exchanged contracts and completion dates

Exchange – should we or not?

Completion options

Example clauses wording for uncertain completions

Mortgage lenders


Get your clients sale ready

Peter’s answers to your specific questions

What advice would you give to agents who are coming up against solicitors who are refusing to exchange?

What if we’ve exchanged but then on the day there’s a problem with completion, e.g. a solicitor is closed or a party contracts COVID-19?

What are your thoughts on simultaneous exchange and completion? Lots of solicitors are offering it up as the only option at the moment

Are probate sales taking longer?

What would you advise where things like removal companies and surveyors are no longer working and so the move can’t go ahead?

What are your thoughts on offering long stop completion dates? Is 28th August is a realistic date to set?

I’ve got a client who won’t leave the house to post her contracts back. Can anything be done?

Does signed ID witnessed using a video call and then scanned and sent in the post comply with money laundering regulations?

What if the lender withdraws a mortgage offer between exchange and completion?

What advice would you give people who still want to view properties virtually and consider moving?

If documents need to be re-exchanged in order to change the completion date, does that mean the previous exchange is not binding?

Our buyer is busing a gifted deposit from grandparents. They can’t leave the house and are isolated but need to provide certified ID. What can they do?