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We’ve been working on a new-look property details page

Testing for lettings properties starts 10th August

The new look pages started rolling out on the Overseas section of the site back in May and are outperforming the old page across the board. Overseas buyers are spending more time looking at each property’s details and they’re sharing properties more too, thanks to the new WhatsApp option. The new-look page also has a higher conversion rate for enquiries, meaning it’s working harder at connecting overseas agents and developers with buyers. They’re 40% faster than the previous pages and have been designed to increase exposure for agents’ branding and contact details, plus make more of the most popular features that home-hunters engage with.

In July we saw a 40% increase in enquiries for UK lettings properties, so we’re excited to start testing the new-look page for lettings listings on 10th August. We’ll also continue work on the extra elements needed for sales properties, before starting tests for sales later this year.

Here’s some of the features you’ll see in the new design, and why we’re testing them.


1 – Improved video experience

You said: “We want our videos to be more prominent”

We’re testing:
• Placing your videos in the fourth slot of the new image gallery and the carousel
• Highlighting videos first in the new “mini media” section under the property description

2 – Your photos centre stage

Tenants said: “We want to see photos quickly, to get a feel for a property”

We’re testing:
• Showing more photos at the top of the property details page
• A more user-friendly, full-screen, scrollable, image gallery with your contact details featured

3 – More focus on your brand

You said: “We want our brand to be more prominent on our property listings”

We’re testing:
• A “sticky” contact details box and microsite MPU, so your branding stays on screen
• Including your branch profile underneath the property details*

4 – Easier access to floorplans

Tenants said: “We want to understand the layout, using floorplans & photos together”

We’re testing:
• Easier navigation between floorplans and photos, in the full-screen gallery
• Highlighting floorplans in the “mini media” section under the property description

Agents can preview the new look pages now and give feedback, before testing starts with a small number of users from 10th August. Simply click below then look at lettings properties in your area.

Preview the new look lettings property listings

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