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Virtual viewings and valuations masterclass

Webinar recorded live on

Ben Sellers, Owner of Starberry, joined us on 6th April to give you a masterclass on preparing for, filming, hosting and editing virtual viewings and valuations.

Watch the recording now in the video player above. Here’s a quick “skip to” contents list if you want to jump to a specific section. 

  • 00:00 – 06:55: How we’ve got here: video tours in the pre-COVID19 world
  • 06:55 – 11:59:  Why video tours are essential in this new world
  • 12:00 – 23:49: Getting started: tech and systems to consider – video calling apps & calendar integration
  • 23:49 – 27:32:  Getting started: preparing your website and your team
  • 27:32 – 28:47:  Recorded vs. Live. What route should you go down? 
  • 31.48 – 34:22: An example of filming a video tour on your phone using Zoom 
  • 34:30 –  41:10: Top tips for filming your tour – camera vs. phone, planning, settings, lighting, camera angles, etc
  • 41:30 – 43:59: Other ideas for content to share on your virtual valuation 
  • 44:00 –  49:15:  Examples of agents’ videos and tours. “Virtual” doesn’t just mean video. Includes advice on empty properties and sourcing floorplans
  • 49:40 –  54:30: Ways your (and other) websites can be used in virtual viewings
  • 55:20 – 56:11 :  Ideal length of videos
  • 56:23 onwards: Is Quality still important?

Ben also kindly prepared a resource list of the tools and tech he refers to in the video.

View the resource list

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