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Your quick guide to Rightmove’s tools and reports

All Rightmove members get access to the following market-leading tools and reports inclusive with their membership.

Property List

Upload and amend your Rightmove property listings.


Property Performance report

  • Understand and compare the performance of all your property listings against your branch average and the performance of similar properties listed by other agents.
  • Use the Health indicators to quickly identify any listings that don’t meet our best practice criteria and prioritise them for an update to boost their views.


Marketing report

Showcase your marketing efforts in a personalised email that keeps your client informed of the performance of their listing on Rightmove and the impact of adjustments you make to your marketing strategy.


Best Price Guide

  • Create a bespoke valuation report to use in a market appraisal that backs up your expert pricing recommendation with hard evidence from virtually the whole of the market.


Telephone Leads report

  • See all the telephone leads you’ve received from Rightmove in once place. Get deeper insight into things like average call lengths to monitor and improve your applicant registration process.
  • Set up call recording on your incoming telephone enquiries to use in staff training, identify areas for improvement or in dispute resolution.


Email Leads report

  • See all the email enquiries you’ve received from Rightmove in one place.
  • Spot hidden instruction opportunities you might have missed from applicants who said they have a property to sell or let.


Market Share reports

  • Understand your market share of available stock, sales/lets agreed, new instructions and property listing views.
  • Print certificates to use at valuations that prove your credibility.


Time On Market report

Identify properties that have been stuck on the market for longest with competitor agents, that could be open to a conversation about a new approach.


Price Reduction report

Spot properties that have been reduced where the vendor or landlord might be considering switching agent.


Rightmove Hub

  • Get inspired with free online training webinars with industry experts. Learn something new every week without having to leave your desk.
  • Check out our latest live events and register for any upcoming seminars in your region.
  • Watch hundreds of hours of training videos on topics ranging from making the most out of your Rightmove membership, to the latest legislation updates and inspiring advice from leading agency trainers.