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The outlook for new homes in 2023

The changing pace of the market brings new opportunities for New Homes Developers to adapt and grow in the long-term. Here’s the latest news and insight to help you do just that… 

Opportunities to attract more buyers

The average asking price for new build properties has risen from £408,012 in January 2019 to £421,023 in January 2023 – a rise of 3.2%. During the same period, the average asking price for resale properties has risen from £300,447 to £360,976 – a much larger increase of 20.1%.

As a result, the gap between new build and resale asking prices was just 17% in January 2023 compared to 36% in January 20191. Could this smaller gap in asking prices tempt more buyers to choose new?

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Buyer demand is returning to normal levels

The closure of the property market in 2020, combined with a new list of requirements for many homeowners, meant buyer demand for property reached unprecedented levels in the second half of 2020 and into 2021 and 2022.

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What’s on the horizon?

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First Time Buyers

Mortgage Rates

Stamp Duty rates to increase in 2025

Unlock sales growth in 2023 with the 3 M’s – Market, Mix and Messaging…


1 – Market: Deep dive into each development’s unique property market

How are supply and demand impacting asking prices? Are you getting your fair share of buyer enquiries? What are the most popular property types in my area? Where are the lead hotspots…for you and your competitors?

Your Rightmove Account Manager can help you answer these questions – book a call with them below to get started.


2 – Marketing mix: Balance brand awareness with direct response for long-term sales growth

Studies have shown that direct response marketing creates short term sales uplift, while brand awareness drives long-term sales growth. On the graph below, the sharp peaks and troughs in sales conversion are created by direct response marketing. The more gradual increase is driven by brand awareness, which becomes most impactful from 6-months onwards.

You can mix and match brand awareness and direct response marketing options targeted exclusively at Rightmove’s in-market audience:

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3 – Messaging: Tap into the latest buyer insights to increase appeal

Based on this article, some topics you might want to consider for your marketing messages are:

  • Lower premiums to buy new
  • Energy and cost efficiencies
  • First Time Buyer incentives
  • Stamp Duty savings

For brand awareness, which has a broad reach and influences buyers’ action further down the line, emotional messaging works best. For direct response, which is more tightly targeted and drives immediate action, persuasive messages are your best bet.

Get in touch

In a changing market it’s great to know there’s someone on your side. Your Rightmove Account Manager is here to help you every step of the way. Whatever you’d like to talk about, give them them a call or email, or request a call back using the form below if you don’t have their details to hand.