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The Ombudsman’s Casebook – Emerging issues you can learn from

Webinar recorded live:
Categories: Guest speakers & industry specialists

legislation, November - Lettings Month, The Property Ombudsman

The Property Ombudsman deals with nearly 30,000 enquiries every year, resulting in over 4,000 investigations. This means TPO is often faced with emerging issues and the first port of call for agents seeking advice. In this webinar Jane and Peter will discuss the latest issues in lettings, providing examples of lettings cases and best practice guidance to help agents avoid disputes from arising.

You will have the opportunity to interact, giving your views on real life case studies as well as asking questions throughout.

Before joining the Property Ombudsman Jane worked as a solicitor in private practice. Jane started working at TPO as an Adjudicator in 2007 and now, as Deputy Ombudsman and Director of Casework, she leads a team of around 30 Adjudicators and Resolution Officers in considering, and providing a fair resolution to, all cases referred to TPO.

The role of the Property Ombudsman is to resolve disputes between buyers, sellers, tenants or landlords of property in the UK and Agents. The Ombudsman also has a responsibility to contribute towards establishing best practice in the property agency sector. Summaries of cases are regularly published and the Annual Report highlights significant matters within the industry.

Before joining The Property Ombudsman, Peter spent over 10 years buying, selling and managing commercial property for self-invested personal pension schemes (SIPPs). Peter started at the Property Ombudsman as an adjudicator in 2008 and has held other positions such as senior adjudicator, adjudicator manager and policy and communications manager. Peter’s current role as Director of Policy also covers TPO’s Compliance and Communication functions and includes responsibility TPO’s Codes of Practice.