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The Ombudsman’s Casebook – When you feel a complaint is unjustified, what should you do?

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The Property Ombudsman (TPO) deals with nearly 40,000 enquiries every year, resulting in over 5,000 investigations.

Often the manner in which the complaint is handled, rather than the agent’s actions relating to the issue itself, is the point where a complaint is upheld.

In this webinar Rebecca Marsh, The Property Ombudsman, will discuss the importance of complaints handling, providing case examples and best practice guidance to help agents deal with complaints, whether you feel they are justified or not.

More about our guest

Rebecca Marsh took up her current post as The Property Ombudsman on 5 October 2020 and brings an extensive range of senior level experience and understanding of complaint handling and investigation spanning 18 years. Her career has had a real focus on, and demonstrates her passion for, working with the industry and stakeholders to support improvement.