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The next generation at EA Masters

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The EA Masters 2019 had a clear focus on driving the industry forward and helping leaders be the very best they can be. With that in mind we took the opportunity to ask a few questions of the panelists of the topical debate from “The Next generation” 

Chris Holroyd opened his third office before his 30th birthday and has an appetite for growth that will see his business continue to rapidly expand. In addition to becoming market leader in each of his territories, 40% of Holroyd’s income comes from financial services.

Matt Nicol is relentless in his pursuit of building his eponymous estate agency into a major player in Worcester, Droitwich and surrounding areas. Matt is one of very few agents that understand it’s about getting things done and he and his team execute new ideas faster than just about every agency the Property Academy has worked with.

Mark Ross, co-founder and Managing Director of Redbrik, is an accomplished property (real estate) professional with a passion for marketing, building relationships, and developing brand strategy. During his career, Mark has continuously built and cultivated teams with a highly customer-centric culture, that provide a highly personal and professional service.