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Property price reduction trends for 2019

When looking at reductions there are two key factors at play – the number of properties that have been reduced and the amount they have been reduced by.

On average, 34.3% of properties have received a price reduction so far this year, up on the 32.9% across the same period last year. The average size of reduction from first to last listing price so far this year has been 6.0%, similar to last year’s 5.9%.

Usually after the spring market, we see more properties being reduced and by a higher amount, but this year we’ve seen the size of reductions and the number of properties being reduced remain flat. This could be a sign that more sellers are taking their agent’s advice and recognising the need to be more price sensitive from the outset.

When you price a property correctly from day one it makes finding a buyer easier. In fact, you’re 40% more likely to be the agent who sells a property if you price right from day one*. You can use Rightmove’s Best Price Guide to help you do just that…

Price to Sell with the Best Price Guide

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You can find these insights and more in the 2019/20 edition of the Little Blue Book, available online here.

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Source: Rightmove data 2019