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Enquiry Manager with pre-qualified leads


Find the right tenant without all the admin.


Pre-qualified rental enquiries sent directly from your Rightmove listings to your new enquiry management tool.


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On average,
agents are spending

9 hours

on qualifying leads and viewings
for each available rental property1


Do you wish you had that time to spend with landlords instead?

With pre-qualified leads you'll:

Spend less time identifying the most suitable applicants

Cut down on unnecessary viewings

Reduce the risk of a failed reference

How does it work?


User-friendly dashboard

    • Easily sort incoming enquiries.


Enhanced leads with additional info

    • Pinpoint most suitable applicants and avoid waste-of-time viewings.
    • Safeguard your credibility with landlords by spending time with most suitable applicants.
    • Reduce the risk and potential cost of a failed reference.


Free-of-charge credit checks*

    • Ensure you focus your attention on the most eligible applicants for every property.

*Credit checks will not impact applicant’s credit score.

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The Lead to Keys suite


Enquiry Manager is part of Rightmove’s Lead to Keys suite, the first fully integrated advertising, enquiry management and tenancy progression solution. Designed to free up your time so you can grow your business.

Included with Enquiry Manager

Tenant References

Comprehensive referencing integrated into your tenancy progression flow.

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Tenancy Manager

Manage your entire tenancy progression in one simple system.

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Source: 1. Rightmove survey of 350 lettings agents, September 2022.