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Maximising your membership

Build a marketing strategy that works for you

“For every 1,000 households, you’ll be looking to target the 35-40 that will be moving this year. Rightmove attracts the largest and most relevant home-moving audience in the UK and that gives us unique data and insights that we can share to help you spot the opportunities in your patch. By cutting the waste in your marketing budget, you improve your bottom line and ensure your brand and property exposure is focussed on the 4% of households who are most likely to come to market.”

Lola Smith, Director of Independent Estate Agency

Make the most of the Rightmove audience to set the pace


Understanding your Rightmove audience

Reach home movers while they are thinking about moving:

46% say they’re wanting to move1.
36% are open to moving1.

What that means for you:
Reach an in-market audience in one place without wasting your marketing budget. Generate immediate leads and nurture future movers.

Influence vendors & landlords to win more instructions

36% of Rightmove’s audience said they intend to both buy and sell a property within the next 12 months2.
72% of landlords visit Rightmove at least weekly3.

What that means for you:
Rightmove is the place to influence sellers and landlords from early in their journey until decision-making time.

Fuel your results with your Rightmove membership

Make the most of the benefits already included in your membership. You can choose to boost your results with extra products.

Your Rightmove Account Manager will work with you to find the right messaging and strategy to make the most of the Rightmove audience across their journey from awareness through to consideration and decision.

Did you know?
Your Rightmove Account Manager can give you unique insights into the behaviour of sellers and buyers in your area. They can tell you if sellers in your patch are mostly looking to buy within your patch or are looking to move out of area.

What does that mean for you?
Your Account Manager can then recommend products that reach those sellers more effectively.

Find out more about all the benefits included in your membership plus the different advertising products available:

Download your guide here

The right balance to meet your objectives

Choose the Rightmove package that gives you the mix of marketing products that work the best for you.

Market efficiently – choose the package that meets your needs

Ask your Rightmove Account Manager about how your marketing budget compares across these three packages.

Source 1. Rightmove Spring Survey 2023, sample size c. 6,000 2. Rightmove Spring Survey 2023, sample size c. 6,000 3. Rightmove Landlord Survey 2022