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We’re making invoices simpler

Starting from April 2024, we’ll be changing what’s shown on your monthly invoice to make it easier to see what you’re paying for.

Updates will be rolled out in phases starting with April’s invoice (for May).

Key points:

  • We’re taking action to remedy some of your most frequent invoice queries.
  • These changes will simplify the invoicing process.
  • These changes will have no impact on the amount you are charged.

What’s changing:


1. Brand Plus will no longer show on your invoices.

Brand Plus displays an agent’s logo alongside their listings on search results. This is not a charged-for product and is currently shown as a £0 item on all invoices.


2. Mobile Homepage will no longer show on your invoices.

Mobile Homepage is not a standalone product, it’s included as part of Local Homepage. Invoices will no longer show the Mobile Homepage as a separate item for Estate Agency memberships. There will be no change to the price for Local Homepage terms and you’ll still benefit from Mobile Homepage.


3. Simpler documentation.

Where possible, rather than sending you credit notes, we’ll be adding negative lines into invoices to better explain any changes made. So ideally you’ll get one clean and simple invoice showing any changes to your package and product mix, rather than multiple invoices and credit notes.

What’s not changing:

  • These changes will not have any impact on the overall amount you are charged.
  • The frequency of invoices will not change.
  • The way we send you invoices will not change.

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