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Local Valuation Alert

A reactive way to reach sellers when they are ready for a valuation


Valuation Generation

Local Valuation Alerts generate valuation leads from potential vendors when they decide they are ready to get your expert help with valuing their property.

Here’s how Local Valuation Alerts work:

  1. Potential vendors choose to Request a Valuation on
  2. Did you know?

    Potential vendors can find the Request Valuation page in many places across Rightmove including the:

    • Homepage of the mobile site and Rightmove app
    • Menu on the desktop site – several different options lead to the Request a Valuation page
    • Sold Prices page which is signposted on the homepage, menus and throughout key pages on Rightmove
  3. Potential vendors enter the postcode of the property they’re selling into the Request Valuation page
  4. We show them a shortlist of agents in that area – they choose which agents they’d like to request to value their property
  5. We send you a notification of the valuation lead via SMS and email

Then it’s over to you and your local expertise.


Available terms are extremely limited

With Local Valuation Alerts, you’re one of a shortlist of agents alerted as soon as a vendor requests a valuation on Rightmove. The target areas are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Ask your Rightmove Account Manager to help you decide what areas would be best for you to target to help you succeed.