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Latest updates to your property listings

We’ve given your property listings on the Rightmove website a makeover to better showcase your properties to buyers, tenants and landlords in the search results. This includes adding much-requested icons to make key information such as the number of bedrooms & bathrooms instantly available. Plus encouraging buyers, tenants and landlords to engage with your listings earlier by adding emphasis to the call, email and save options. We’ve also refreshed the design of the property card to align with the Rightmove app, maintaining a consistent experience so your properties remain the star of the show.


Helping buyers, tenants and landlords find key info faster

This new and improved property listing will make the need-to-know information about your listing stand out, and in turn, allow buyers, tenants and landlords to scan listings and see instantly when a property fits their needs. By adding extra emphasis to the call, email and save options they’ll be encouraged to follow up with all suitable properties at this early searching stage.

Get more out of your new-look listings

Here are some tools to help you assess and improve your Rightmove listings.

The Property Performance Report
Track and compare listing performance
Your at-a-glance guide to how much engagement your listings are receiving on Rightmove. Use this to quickly identify underperforming listings in need of a refresh to boost views or to identify what works well to implement on your future listings.
Video (4 mins): How to use the Property Performance Report
Create the Ultimate Listing
Attract more attention from buyers, renters and landlords
Now you know how your property listings are performing, check our Ultimate Listing Guides for tips on attracting more attention on Rightmove.
Guide (5 mins): The Ultimate Lettings listing

Guide (5 mins) The Ultimate Sales listing