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Identifying instruction opportunities in your Rightmove Commercial leads

Did you know, when a Rightmove user sends you an email lead did you know they are asked to define themselves as a surveyor/agent, an investor/developer, a tenant/buyer or other?

When the email lead is delivered to you we highlight which segment the enquirer has placed themselves in:

You can quickly identify which email leads come from which enquirer type in the email lead report. We hear of many customers exporting the data and sorting by enquirer type, to deliver a ready-made database for each customer segment.

One way this can help with your business, is building a database of investors by downloading your historic email leads and filtering for “investor/developer”. You can then send them details of any investment opportunities you have on your books and those you instruct in the future.

You may also wish to highlight your disposal services to this audience, given investors often have a portfolio which will require both disposals and acquisitions.

Today, an investor database may be more timely than ever. Since the introduction of lockdown we have seen the investor segment of our audience remain in market to a greater degree. In more normal times, we tend to see 25-30% of email leads in the sales channel come from investors/developers. Immediately after lockdown, that spiked to just under 40%.

Does this suggest there are investors out there looking to snap up a bargain rather than see their money sat on deposit earning next to zero interest? We asked a couple of commercial agents in Manchester to share their experiences:

Auction House North West – Stuart Cooper, Director

In every crisis, it is the people who seek the opportunities that inevitably arise that will ultimately prosper. Vendors selling in this market (predominantly) have a good reason to be selling and buyers/investors will perceive that this is the time to step in and acquire. Strange as it may sound, we have seen an increase in investors and buyers actually making the effort to contact us to confirm that they are still very much in the market to buy.

At present though, in order to survive and continue, the need to adapt and embrace technology is paramount. Property professionals who are flexible and include the new necessities such as floor plans, virtual tours, improved web listing etc will be the ones who survive.


Hallams Property Consultants – Anthony Howcroft MRICS, Partner 

At the beginning of lockdown, we of course experienced an overall reduction in enquiries as businesses rightly focussed on the safety of their workforce and the immediate financial impacts of this unprecedented health crisis. Now we are a few weeks in, we have started to see a steady incline in enquiry levels, as organisations begin to take stock of the situation and prepare for changes in their business post lockdown.

One encouraging trend we have recorded has been increasing enquiry levels from manufacturers. A lot of small to medium sized manufacturers were previously reluctant to move premises due to disruption caused by shutting down production lines. This period of enforced shut down has allowed them to identify new premises and re-locate whilst production has ceased or slowed down. Thus reducing the impact of a move on the business. The world will change post Covid-19 and businesses that prepare, evolve and adapt quickly including within the property industry, will be the success stories in years to come.


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