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How to reduce the time it takes to manage your properties – with Sally Lawson and Kate Gregory

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One of the main challenges of managing properties is the extensive time it takes. The thousands of daily tasks, complex paperwork and relationships to manage will normally add up to more hours than there are in anyone’s day. Many agents tell us they end up working longer hours and feeling burnt out as a result of this.

But the good news is, it doesn’t need to be like that.

In this webinar, Sally & Kate shared some simple tweaks that you can make to substantially reduce your daily workload. Freeing up more of your time in the day to focus on delivering a much more consistent service.

They shared proven tips to help you:

• Get stuff done easier and faster
• Use your teams to reduce your workload
• Identify processes that will make your life simpler
• Structure your team to function more efficiently

Find your time and get some head space back with this fast paced, engaging webinar.