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Are you ready for a HMRC inspection?

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The revelations in The Pandora Papers have added new pressure on the government to strengthen defences against ‘dirty money’ and are a stark reminder to agents that property is often money launderers’ favoured modus operandi.

HMRC regularly conduct independent inspections to ensure anti-money laundering compliance by businesses at greatest risk, and these are typically held at short notice, so it is vital that agents are fully prepared.

We were joined by Malcolm Driscoll, who served 40 years in the police, and has an in-depth knowledge of how criminals launder on a global scale. He is now Lead AML Consultant at FCS Compliance and discussed the latest actions being taken by HMRC to ensure that firms are compliant.

This webinar answered:

  • What you can expect to happen in an HMRC inspection?
  • What you should do to ensure AML compliance with the latest Money Laundering Regulations?
  • What additional measures you should take to protect your business from being victim to money launderers?
  • What the penalties are for non-compliance?
Audience Feedback:


“I found this extremely useful and very interesting. I will definitely be taking part in other webinars”
“It has made me look into our procedure and check we have everything that maybe asked of us”
“I found the presenter to be very knowledgeable, and that made me listen very carefully to all his advice”
“Very well presented webinar. Would like to attend more of these”