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Add, edit and remove users on Rightmove Plus

With new user management features on Rightmove Plus you can add, edit and remove users in near real time.


No need to contact customer service. You’re in control.


All you need to do is become a User Admin.


Become a User Admin

Slashing your waiting time

Average resolution time for requests to add, remove and edit permissions for Rightmove Plus users is just over 72 hours (in 2023 to date). So you can avoid over 3 days of waiting time per request!

For larger agencies, with a lot of branches and a lot of Rightmove Plus users, our new features will help you avoid weeks of waiting time for changes to your user permissions.

Am I already a User Admin?

If you have a “User Management” tab in your Rightmove Plus menu, then you are already a User Admin.

How does it work?

Click below to see just how easy it is to use and to get full control over your business’ Rightmove Plus access.

Add new users

Editing existing users

Removing users

What you need to do

To access these features, all you need to do is request to be made a User Admin.

Become a User Admin by filling out the form below with your basic info and the customer service team will handle request as quickly as possible.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.