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What are sellers looking for in an agent?

Headlines from our 2022 Spring Survey of 2,283 sellers

  • Responsive staff is the most important factor when choosing an agent (87% of potential vendors considered this very or extremely important)
  • Professional presentation of properties, local market knowledge and personable staff are also top factors
  • Of sellers who switched agents, the top reason (45%) was the perception they weren’t doing enough to promote the property

Most important factors when choosing an agent

According to our 2022 Spring Survey, a third of Rightmove’s audience plan to sell a property in the next 12 months.

That means a huge number of British home-movers will be researching and contacting estate agents to get their property sold. But what matters most to them?

We spoke to people planning on selling a property in the next 12 months. When choosing an agent to sell their property the most important factors are often the agent’s softer skills rather than valuations and fees.

They want an agent who is responsive and personable, an agent who is able to present their property professionally and an agent with strong local property market knowledge.

70% of these potential vendors felt it was very or extremely important that the agent listed their property on Rightmove.

66% want to know whether an agent has sold properties similar to theirs. You can make sure potential vendors know about your recent sales using Sold By Me on Rightmove.


Most important factors in switching agents

Amongst those sellers whose home is currently on the market, 11% said they’ve changed agents.

Of sellers who switched agents, the top reason (45% of respondents) was the perception they weren’t doing enough to promote the property. You can avoid this issue by using Featured Properties and Premium Listings on Rightmove to get as many eyes as possible on your client’s listing and by using the Marketing Report on Rightmove Plus to demonstrate the impact of your efforts.

Interestingly the agent being unresponsive was a close second when it came to key reasons for switching agent, illustrating the power of good communication in keeping your vendors on side.

23% of vendors who have recently switched agents listed the poor quality of their property listing as a key factor. Use our Ultimate Listing Guide to ensure your property listings are at their best and keep your vendors happy.


Source: Rightmove Spring Survey, 2022.