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Understanding AI in Property – Live Q&A with Google

Webinar recorded live on

Generative AI is spreading at an unprecedented rate. It could transform how you interact with information and communicate with your customers and clients.

Michelle Liu from the Google Cloud Customer Engineering Team, specialises in big data and AI/Machine learning. She supports businesses across several industries to build foundations around data and discover their own unique use cases for AI.

Before we get to the live Q&A, Michelle explained:

  • What Generative AI is and why is it creating so much interest right now
  • How you can accelerate your marketing by generating content, blog stories and images
  • How you can improve customer experience with human-like conversational interactions powered by AI
  • What free applications there are that you can experiment with such as:
    • AI chatbots to help your interactions
    • Image generators to enhance properties taken of actual properties
    • “Ask Assistants” to help you digest large, complicated texts


Accredited CPD:

Watching this session LIVE will count towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours and will award you a CPD Certificate.