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Facebook for Business

Improve your presence,  increase engagement and grow a potential customer audience with Facebook.

With over 1.71 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest social media platform and when used properly can help increase awareness of your business and attract new customers.
This Facebook webinar will teach you how to improve your presence on the platform, and increase your engagement. It will show you tools and tricks you never knew existed, such as scheduling, pinned posts and inviting lists to like the page.

Designed to show how Facebook can be used for business, this hands on and interactive webinar, features live demonstrations and shows how Facebook can be used as a key marketing tool.

Check back next month when we will take on Twitter!

Who is this for:
Anyone new to Facebook for business use or in need of some pointers.

How will it work:
The live interactive webinar is around 30 minutes with time for a Q&A
You can take part from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Teresa Heath-Wareing: Author of “Social Media Marketing for Smaller Businesses”

Teresa, BA Hons in Marketing and am Member of the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketers) has been lucky enough to be trained by some of the worlds expects in Social Media, and has managed many social media accounts for clients as well as developing large scale social media advertising campaigns. In June this year she wrote a book ‘Social Media Marketing for Smaller Businesses’ to help businesses with the basics of social media for business.

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