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Download: Summer is the hottest period for lettings

  • Summer sees the most visits to rental properties on Rightmove
  • Based on analysis of 2019 to 2021, June, July and August have the highest number of visits to rental properties
  • Use our seasonal window cards and social pack to share these insights

Download the window cards and social images below to let landlords and potential landlords in your area know.

Analysing pageviews of rental properties from 2019 to 2021, July has the highest number of average pageviews of any month.

With June in second position and August in third, summer is clearly the best time of year to find a tenant on Rightmove.

You can use these insights to entice landlords into listing their property for let this summer, with our shareable social banners and self-print window cards which you can put up in your agency window.


Download the Window Cards

Summer Lettings Window Cards – Berry

Summer Lettings Window Cards – Teal


Download images for your social channels

Summer Lettings Window Cards – LinkedIn

Summer Lettings Window Cards – Twitter

Summer Lettings Window Cards – Facebook

Summer Lettings Window Cards – Instagram


Source: Analysis of average monthly page views on Rightmove between 2019 and 2021. June, July and August see the most visits to rental properties.