Conor McNicholas, former NME Editor – dealing with digital disruption

“You need to know your truth. What is the most valuable thing that you do? “

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Conor McNicholas is an award-winning creative content, brand and disruption consultant. He spent 7 years at the helm of the world renowned weekly music magazine NME, joining at the height of the magazine industry and helping “break” bands such as Kings of Leon.

However, when Myspace stole the voice of the NME in 2004, he came face to face with the first wave of digital disruption, forcing a radical transformation of the brand.

In this talk, Conor relates this encounter with digital disruption to estate agency sharing how to deal with it, cope with it and respond to it

Themes covered:

  • Brand identity and diversity
  • Building reputation
  • Challenger brands

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