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5 things you need to know about the taxation of non-resident landlords

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There have been significant changes in the tax rules for non-resident Landlords. In particular a change from income tax to corporation tax on rent received by non-resident companies and the additional surcharge on Stamp Duty Land Tax for acquisitions. A few years ago, we also had the re-basing for Capital Gains Tax.

We were joined by Mark Stemp, Partner at Crowe U.K. LLP, who is a property tax specialist with over 20 years of experience of taxation. He speaks to Landlords and agents on a daily basis, helping them to better understand and manage their tax position.

Mark’s approach is to keep things straightforward and explain complex things in a simple way. In this webinar, along with a reminder of the basic rules of the taxation of offshore individuals renting out residential property, you will take away:

1) An understanding of the taxation of offshore companies owning UK residential property
2) An appreciation of the new 2% surcharge for Stamp Duty Land Tax on the acquisition of residential property
3) The typical way an offshore landlord structures an acquisition of property
4) An appreciation of the calculation of capital gains tax, including the rebasing, when disposing of UK residential property
5) A high level summary of taxes to consider where a non-resident owner/occupier decides to purchase a second home in the UK