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Your new-look sales listings

Categories: Maximising your Rightmove membership

We started testing the new-look sales property listings at the start of October with a small number of visitors. Since then, many of you have shared feedback about the new-look page. You’ve let us know the things you do like and the things you don’t like, which has been extremely helpful – thank you.

We’ve also been taking feedback from buyers and vendors as well as monitoring the key performance metrics. This has given us a view of what improvements can be made, to make sure the new-look page is delivering results for you.

Here’s a run-through of some of the top features in your new-look property listings. For ideas on how to make the most out of these, you can check out our new guide to Create the Ultimate Sales Listing.

1 – Your videos made more discoverable

Your videos and virtual tours will now appear in the first place most buyers look – your photos. They’ll show in the photo carousel, full-screen gallery, and just above the key features in the listing itself, making your video content easier than ever to find.

2 – Your photos in the spotlight

Your photos have a bigger impact on the page, thanks to the larger three-image carousel. What’s more, buyers and vendors can quickly scroll through all your photos in the full-screen gallery, especially good for the 74% of users on a mobile device.

When viewing the floorplans or street view in full-screen, buyers will now also have the option to view your photos in a gallery pane to cross-reference the location and layout with the photos.

3 – Your listings, your brand

Your branch contact details, logo and Microsite Advert (of you have one) will stay on screen as buyers and vendors scroll down through each property listing. Not only that, but your branch profile will now also show on every property listing, under the “agent description” heading, giving you more space to promote your services, awards and qualifications.

Get more out of your new-look listings

The content you include on your new-look property listings is vital for getting the most exposure, leads and sales out of them. Now’s a great time to update your property listings to make the most of the new-look page. To help you do that, we’ve created a new guide Create the Ultimate Sales Listing where you’ll find the latest insights and advice.

create the ultimate sales listing