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Wales legislation and lockdown update

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2021 is a make or break year for the Property Sector in Wales. The Assembly elections are due in May and are unlikely to be suspended or delayed. This means that the, much delayed, Renting Homes (Wales) act 2016 is likely to come into force in April as the current government have committed to bringing it into effect before the elections. There is a lot of additional regulation and guidance that needs to appear before the Act can come into effect but the overall shape is clear. This webinar with property law expert David Smith will give you an overview of what the new Act will mean and will also look at what has been happening in other areas unique to Wales.

Topics covered include:

  • Landlord registration, what the recent decisions in the Court of Appeal tell us
  • Covid-19 and how Wales has responded in the property sector
  • Renting Homes; where might Wales be heading?
  • What are the rules on property viewings in Wales?
  • What will the new debt moratorium rules mean for Wales


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